Exporting Your Meetings as a Calendar

Exporting your Meetings as a Calendar

You can add your meetings to applications like Google Calendar or Apple's iCal by using the "Calendar Export" feature.

At the bottom of your list of meetings, you'll see a calendar feed icon:


Apple iCalendar

You should be able to just hit the "iCal" link, but you can also subscribe manually:

Under the "Calendar" menu, hit "Subscribe":

Copy the iCal link and paste it into the "Calendar URL" box:


Hit "Subscribe"

Google Calendar

Right click "Google Calendar" and copy the link.

In Google Calendar, under "Other Calendars" click "Add":


Choose "Add by URL":


Paste in the URL you copied to the "URL" field:


Your meetings should now show up in your Calendar as you add them in Ketchup.