Ketchup API Spec

The Ketchup API

The Ketchup API allows you to interact with Ketchup ( ) via a set of REST URLs that return data in JSON format. The API allows you to list, show, update and delete meetings, projects, agenda items and notes.

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Authentication is via a token. You can access your token in "My Account"

Get your API key with:

curl -u

'single_access_token' is what you're looking for.

All subsequent requests should be of the form:

In all cases, 'shortcode_url' is the ID of the parent, so MEETING_ID would be the 'shortcode_url' of the parent meeting, ITEM_ID the 'shortcode_url' of the parent item.


Projects allow group meetings and listing only meetings from a particular project.

Create Projects

Create a new project simply by passing the project name as part of a meeting create or update, eg:

{'title':'My New Meeting', 'project_name':'A new or existing project'}

List Projects

GET /api/v1/projects.json

List Meetings in a project

GET /api/v1/projects/PROJECT_ID/meetings.json

Edit a project

PUT /api/v1/projects/PROJECT_ID.json


List Meetings

Note: By default, these methods return meeting data, notes and items for all meetings. For performance, you can pass 'lean=true' to any of the meeting list methods, to get just a list of meetings, rather than including notes and items.

GET /api/v1/meetings.json(?lean=true)
            "title":"[Gem] Discussing the Gem Intranet",
            "attendees":"Paul, Julie, Catherine, Emma",

You can also get all meetings in icalendar format:

GET /api/v1/meetings.ics

List upcoming meetings

GET /api/v1/meetings/upcoming.json

List previous meetings

GET /api/v1/meetings/previous.json

List todays meetings

GET /api/v1/meetings/todays.json

Show a Meeting

GET /api/v1/meetings/i6L3So.json

Create a Meeting

POST /api/v1/meetings.json
{'title':'My Meeting', 'location':'Dublin',
  'attendees':'Paul,Brian', 'date':'tomorrow'}

Update a Meeting

PUT /api/v1/meetings/MEETING_ID.json
{'title':'Your Meeting'}

Delete a Meeting

DELETE /api/v1/meetings/MEETING_ID.json


List Items

GET /api/v1/meetings/MEETING_ID/items.json

Create an Item

POST /api/v1/meetings/MEETING_ID/items.json
{'content':'Take this seriously'}

Update an Item

PUT /api/v1/items/ITEM_ID.json
{'content':'Take this very seriously'}

Sort Items

PUT /api/v1/meetings/MEETING_ID/sort_items.json

Delete an Item

DELETE /api/v1/items/ITEM_ID.json


List Notes

GET /api/v1/items/ITEM_ID/notes.json

Create a Note

POST /api/v1/items/ITEM_ID/notes.json

Update a Note

PUT /api/v1/notes/NOTE_ID.json
{'content':'not so notable'}

Sort Notes

PUT /api/v1/items/ITEM_ID/sort_notes.json

Delete a Note

DELETE /api/v1/notes/NOTE_ID.json

Parse a date-string

The DATESTRING should be URI-encoded



Register a new user

POST /api/v1/users.json
{'email':'', 'password':'spiffy', 'timezone':'Dublin'}

View User Details

GET /api/v1/profile.json

Update User Account

PUT /api/v1/profile.json